About The Show

This soulful rendition of the Christmas Story fills the theatre with thrilling voices, exciting dance and glorious gospel music. We hope you will bring the whole family to be a part of this jubilant expression of human love, joy and humility.


“Black Nativity” is an African-American interpretation of the nativity story, written in 1961 by poet Langston Hughes. The African-American viewpoint and the gospel music make “Black Nativity” a unique performance piece. Often adapted, this version of the production in one act will take the audience from a traditional black church to an africanized Jeruselem. Through, dance, powerful spirituals and anthems, and toe tapping gospel numbers the play tells the story of the journey of Mary and Joseph through song and dance culminating in a rousing finale surrounding the birth of Christ.

Black Nativity is well known and regarded production and has been called the Nutcracker for the African-American community and has similarly attracted people from all walks of life. Productions of Black Nativity have

been performed in many major metropolitan areas including: New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and Atlanta.

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